At the Forbes Kids Romania festival, Forbes KIDS Festival 2022, in Bucharest, Nazzuro Aqua was the OFFICIAL WATER of the event, attended by over 4000 people.

"When it comes to water, we must be even more attentive and responsible, and alongside you, we are more nature-friendly."

Valentina Merlici

Forbes Kids România


The participants at the Forbes Kids Festival enjoyed FREE and UNLIMITED purified cold, ambient, and sparkling water.

Children and their parents had the opportunity to discover the water quality at the Nazzuro corner through a Water Quality Testing Demonstration conducted by our colleague Radu. The Total Dissolved Solids in water were checked, and tests for water hardness, chlorine in water, as well as absorption by vegetables and fruits were conducted.


At the Runbott booth, participants learned more about the benefits of reusable containers. Made from premium, high-quality materials, Runbott containers are environmentally friendly and keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They come in various sizes and shapes, suitable for carrying water, teas, and even lunch.

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Consultancy and customized solutions for a wide range of destinations, guaranteeing the quality and safety of purified water at any time.

Created for the home to provide well-being, safety and joy.

Premium gastronomic experiences, accompanied by a water to match.

Customized solutions for offices.

Proper hydration to push your limits.

A concept addressed to the whole family with a safe solution for health.

Exceptional quality given by the purity of the water used in the production processes.

The comfort of the new home, with purified water from the first day at home.

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