Young children need their parents' guidance in the first years of life until they..
Going to the gym fills you with energy, good mood, and vitality, but you..
The first nine months in the womb are the foundations of a healthy baby..
From bottled water, to our favorite to-go coffee, to shopping in the market or..
Plastic, although extremely versatile in the production of goods, generates thousands of tons of..
Event participants will be able to hydrate for FREE at the two Nazzuro Aqua..
Nazzuro Aqua showcased a generous booth with an eye-catching design that drew the attention..
Recent studies have revealed that microplastic particles are found in the bodies of babies...
At the fair, all participants will be able to drink purified water for free..
Holcim Romania is one of the most active investors in the construction industry in..
Have you ever wondered if the water, before reaching you (from the tap or..
A healthy and balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and dairy, is..
Corpul tău are nevoie de apă pentru a funcționa la capacitate maximă, pentru a..


Consultancy and customized solutions for a wide range of destinations, guaranteeing the quality and safety of purified water at any time.

A concept addressed to the whole family with a safe solution for health.

Purification systems for HORECA.

Customized solutions for offices.

Exceptional quality given by the purity of water used in production processes.

Comfort in the new home, with purified water from the first day at home.

Purification systems for sports facilities.

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