We present to you the life and career stories of the people who have chosen Nazzuro water for their businesses. These remarkable people have had interesting journeys in life. We invite you to discover how they started, grew, and became the driving forces behind the strong brands they have created or represent.

His story began many years ago, near the Vineyard – Valea Călugărească, practically the place where the famous Vineyard from Dealu Mare started, where he began to acquaint himself with wine, to befriend it, and to become companions on this beautiful journey.

“I must admit that the path of wine has not always been smooth, but I am glad to be a partner and companion on the wine road in our days.”

Shortly before the 2000s, he obtained the sommelier certification, a profession that became viable in the Romanian occupation code, thanks to Sergiu Nedelea.

He began to explore wines from other parts of the world once they reached Romania. New grape varieties took root here – Syrah was first planted in Oltenia in 1995, and it only made its way into bottles around the year 2000 when the vineyard began producing grapes for wine.

Chef Patricio Massimino is an exceptional Argentine chef with Italian origins, possessing international culinary education and experience. He currently serves as the head chef at the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Le Bistrot Français restaurant in Bucharest.

His passion for food was ignited during childhood as he observed his Nonna cooking for the family. In his early years, he took on the responsibility of preparing meals for his family, doing so with pleasure. Since then, it became clear to him that he wanted to pursue a career as a chef.

In a television world where genuine talent and charisma are highly valued, Dani Otil has managed to carve his way into the hearts of viewers and become one of the brightest stars in the Romanian media industry.

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