We take care of your well-being and your family’s by offering you the right water purification solutions in conditions of complete safety and purity.

Nazzuro purified water meets all safety and water quality standards, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of pure water, suitable for both body and mind.

Alongside a diverse and vitamin-rich diet, the consumption of healthy water is vital for a balanced and healthy life.

Readily available at any time, with a good taste and the assurance that it is clean, balanced, and pure water every time.

Nazzuro contributes to reducing single-use plastic consumption and supports an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Since installing the Nazzuro Aqua purifier in 2011, my life has changed. I drink more water. At work and on trips, we always bring bottles of purified water with us. We never leave the house without it. Since we have the device, I’ve always had confidence that the water my family and I consume is safe. We use it for drinking, cooking, and washing food.

— Romina Petruș, psychologist, 2 children

I was also convinced by the fact that the Nazzuro Aqua team conducted water testing at my home, both from the tap and from the water bottles we have. When I saw the test results with contrast substances, I was shocked by what was in the water we use, including for preparing formula milk for my baby. After this test, I prepared formula milk only with Nazzuro purified water, which is so good that it doesn’t require boiling.

— Laura Horj, dentist, 2 children

In 2019, I chose the Nazzuro Aqua purifier to know what water I’m drinking, to have the assurance that I’m drinking pure water. Since installing the Nazzuro purifier, we’ve eliminated water crates from home, we have more space, and the kids can easily serve themselves without asking an adult for help every time they’re thirsty. It’s worth having the Nazzuro purifier at home for quality, safety, and saving money spent on bottled water.

— Andreea Negrău, engineer, 2 children


Consultancy and customized solutions for a wide range of destinations, guaranteeing the quality and safety of purified water at any time.

Crafted for home to provide well-being, safety, and joy.

Purification systems for HORECA.

Customized solutions for offices.

Exceptional quality given by the purity of water used in production processes.

Comfort in the new home, with purified water from the first day at home.

Purification systems for sports facilities.

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