Considered an innovation at the time of its discovery, plastic, easy to obtain, inexpensive, and versatile, has managed to permeate all domains and become an essential part of people’s lives. However, the harmful effects of plastic consumption have begun to surface, and now, forests, oceans, and even the human body contain microplastic particles.

The future of the planet depends on each of us, and the choices we make will always involve care for the environment. We believe in a world without plastic, and water purification solutions and reusable containers are a first step we can take towards a safer future.


In order to slow down and ultimately halt the excessive consumption of single-use plastic, we encourage the adoption of a lifestyle that minimizes plastic usage. Let’s start with the most crucial element in nature: water.

Water is the source of hydration and vitality for the human body. We use water in agriculture, industry, for washing and preparing food, for bathing. Drinking water is essential for modern humans.

However, potable water doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe water. Potable water contains impurities such as nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, microplastic particles that inevitably end up contaminating the soil, food, and even our bodies.

Nazzuro water purification systems can find their place in any space: at home, in restaurants, hotels, offices, industrial companies, schools, or public spaces because they consistently provide pure, perfectly balanced, and healthy water without the need for harmful bottled water.

Nazzuro’s reusable containers enhance the experience of better, cleaner, and sustainable water, bringing joy and supporting your mission to reduce the volume of plastic in everyday life.


The purification systems are directly connected to the municipal water network—this reduces the negative impact on the environment. Nazzuro water is never bottled, transported, or stored. Water purification occurs on-site, allowing you to enjoy fresh water every time you turn on the tap. But this means much more than just good and healthy water; it also means caring for nature—Nazzuro water does not generate an additional carbon footprint, as is the case with bottled water, which involves a complex process of plastic production, bottling, storage, and transportation.

For the production of one ton of plastic, over 774 kWh of electricity, 2490 liters of oil, 28,720 kWh of energy, and 23 cubic meters of land are consumed. A piece of plastic packaging takes hundreds of years to decompose, during which it contaminates rivers, oceans, and forests, causing long-term harmful effects for entire generations. With purified water, we are already one step ahead in protecting the planet.


Only 9% of globally consumed single-use plastic is recycled. The causes are multiple, ranging from lack of education and inefficient selective collection systems to ignorance and indifference. The good news is that the evolution of information technology and social networks, as well as the concern of the new generations for environmental protection, have contributed to the spread of knowledge about the harmful effects of plastic consumption and the solutions available to make a positive change.

How can you reduce single-use plastic consumption?

  • Choose home water purification systems.
  • At restaurants, opt for purified water instead of bottled water.
  • Use reusable containers.
  • Buy bulk products not packaged in plastic.
  • Avoid plastic straws and disposable cutlery.
  • Carry reusable bags with you.


Nazzuro offers personalized water purification and storage solutions that are environmentally friendly through its 7 divisions:Home, Family, Horeca, Office, Industrial, Residence și Fitness.

Choose the Nazzuro systems that fit your project and take the first step toward a cleaner, unpolluted world, a world #plasticfree.


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