At this event, we participated with a presentation Aqua Bar and a serving Aqua Bar for the guests. Approximately 450-500 people were present, and we served 1032 liters of purified water in 3 hours.

The Pastry Chef of the Year award was presented by Ioan Bențe, CEO of Nazzuro, to Mrs. Ana Consulea from Zexe Braserie.


Consultancy and customized solutions for a wide range of destinations, guaranteeing the quality and safety of purified water at any time.

Created for the home to provide well-being, safety and joy.

Premium gastronomic experiences, accompanied by a water to match.

Customized solutions for offices.

Proper hydration to push your limits.

A concept addressed to the whole family with a safe solution for health.

Exceptional quality given by the purity of the water used in the production processes.

The comfort of the new home, with purified water from the first day at home.

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