Baby Boom Show May 26-29, 2022, Romexpo, Bucharest

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25/05/2022 -


Nazzuro purified water is safe for preparing formula for little ones and is also recommended for additional hydration when introducing diversification. With a great taste, served in easy-to-use reusable containers, purified water will be a must-have in the school backpack, in the car, or at home. The Nazzuro Family concept, dedicated to families, can be tested and experienced at the Baby Boom Show, taking place in Bucharest from May 26 to May 29, 2022, at Romexpo, Pavilion B1. Participants are invited to discover the advantages of water purification systems tailored to contemporary families.

At the fair, all participants will be able to drink purified water for free at Nazzuro hydration points, specially prepared for all those visiting the Baby Boom Show over the 4 days. Additionally, interested families will be able to observe how a home water purification system works, with the opportunity to test the quality of the water they consume every day. Water quality tests, including chlorine, water hardness, and solid composition tests, will be conducted at the Nazzuro stand.

The Nazzuro Family division includes a selection of water purifiers with features that meet the needs of modern families with children: compact, silent devices equipped with the latest technologies that produce pure, high-quality water every time; metal-free special taps with 3 water options for using purified and municipal water in the same place; containers for storing and consuming water, ecological, reusable, and safe for both families and the environment; additional systems for water softening or hydrogenation, cooling, and carbonating water.

The state-of-the-art technology used by Nazzuro devices in the water filtration process was created to obtain pure and safe water for consumption. The water purification system improves the quality of municipal water by eliminating excess salts, residues from water pipes, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, resulting in pure, balanced mineral water, fresh and readily available at any time, never bottled, safe for the entire family and the entire planet.

Purified water means a healthy, sustainable, #plasticfree, comfortable, and relaxed lifestyle. Water purification systems have numerous advantages in terms of water quality and safety for health, as well as in terms of the comfort and budget of families.

“The first thing that convinced me about Nazzuro was that I would get rid of buying and carrying water bottles from the store. I was also convinced that the Nazzuro team tested the waters in the house, both from the tap and from the water bottles we have. When I saw the results of the contrast substance tests, I was shocked by what was in the water with which we even prepared powdered milk for my baby. After this test, I prepared powdered milk only with Nazzuro purified water, which is so good that it doesn’t require boiling.” — Laura Horj, dentist, 2 children

The novelty at this edition from Nazzuro is the Runbott brand – the reusable container made from premium quality materials, with a ceramic interior that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, without leaving an unpleasant taste and smell. It is suitable for all family members due to its weight and ease of use and comes in various shapes and sizes: Runbott Sport, Runbott Kids, Runbott Cup, and Runbott Lunch. By choosing a Runbott container, everyone can contribute to reducing single-use waste.

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