Children and the healthy habit of drinking water

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01/03/2020 -


A healthy and balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and dairy, is essential for the development of children. WHO recommends introducing a diversified diet around the age of 6 months, unless otherwise advised by a doctor. On this occasion, it is important to provide the child with water from the beginning of the diversification process to develop a taste for it and to establish the habit of drinking water.

Carefully Selected Foods

Children need nutrient-rich foods found in a variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, etc. A healthy plate includes a balance of cereals, vegetables, proteins, and fruits. Food prepared from seasonal, minimally processed ingredients, without salt or frying, is ideal for little ones, and water should be a constant part of every meal. Children should be offered water frequently to practice and learn how to drink from an open cup or glass.

We all know that habits are formed over time. The same applies to the habit of drinking water. Some children will fall in love with water from the first contact, while others may need more time to get used to it. Nazzuro water is clean, with a delicious taste that little ones will adore. Choosing a special cup with cute designs and giving them the freedom to explore and discover the limits of flow increases the chances of them growing up as avid water lovers.

Container Recommendations

A small shot glass is small enough for children to learn to drink water with the help of parents. There are many types of containers designed specifically for children on the market: cups with spouts, cups with straws, leak-proof valve cups, 360-degree opening cups, etc.

Tip: Offer water in a different type of container than the bottle if the child is formula-fed.

The learning stage will be both fun and messy. Until the little one learns to manage and control the water container, there may be spills. Therefore, it’s good to offer water in spill-resistant containers when you’re out and about, places other than home. At home can be a safe space for exploration – that’s where all the spare clothes are. Also, choose containers made of durable materials as they will fall often.

Benefits of Water for Children

Like adults, children need additional water intake when they start eating solid foods. The transition from exclusive milk to cooked food brings gradual changes to the digestive system, and proper hydration will help them have normal digestion without constipation.

Children, Community, and Water

Once they start going to daycare, kindergarten, and later to school, you need to prepare their snack or lunch pack every day, along with a water bottle. It is important to provide children with clean and tasty water, and having it readily available at the kitchen tap at any time, no matter what, saves you from the worry of running out of bottled water. With Nazzuro, there’s no need to buy and store entire cases of water, reducing the consumption of single-use plastic. The little ones will quickly learn the importance of caring for the environment by using reusable containers to drink water.



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