Plastic Free July – a global initiative with local impact

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19/07/2022 -


The month of July is dedicated to actions to raise awareness, educate and promote solutions to reduce plastic consumption, especially the single-use plastic that we find most frequently in single-use plastic cups and bottles, to-go coffee cups, straws , plastic bags.

Plastic Free July started as a movement started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in Western Australia in 2011. Since then, people and companies around the world have joined this idea to promote the reduction of plastic consumption. disposable plastic.

Plastic, although extremely versatile in the production of goods, generates thousands of tons of plastic waste that takes thousands of years to decompose and, all the while, pollutes the soil, water – the entire environment. Recycling costs are also very high and in general recycling is difficult because most plastic waste is thrown away without being cleaned beforehand.

The main solution proposed by the global initiative “Plastic Free July” is based on reducing consumption and refusing to use single-use plastic. Making changes is difficult. Convenience is one of the main factors that prevent us from initiating these changes, but fortunately, with small things that each of us can do, we can make a significant contribution to reducing plastic consumption.


What’s beautiful about this initiative is that it extends beyond the month of July a year. With the awareness of the negative effects that excess plastic has, not only for the environment, but implicitly also for our health, we will be able to be much more attentive to the decisions we make. Do we really need a bottle of bottled water? Better to use a reusable container.

We, at Nazzuro Aqua, are a company for which #plasticfree is an essential principle for high quality water, free of contaminants, safe for us and nature. The future of the planet depends on each of us, and the choices we make will always include care for the environment. We believe in a plastic-free world, and water purification solutions and reusable containers are a first step we can take towards a safer future.



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