Nazzuro Aqua at the Forbes LIFE Awards 2022 Gala

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27/12/2022 -


It was a joy to be the partners and official water of the Forbes LIFE Awards event, dedicated to celebrating the art of living beautifully, la dolce vita. Ioan Bențe, CEO of Nazzuro Aqua, spoke to the guests about the role of Nazzuro water—perfectly balanced, healthy, and safe—in our lives.

In an unprecedented period for recent history, we have learned to appreciate the things that make our lives more beautiful. On November 10, we gathered at the Forbes LIFE Awards, the ideal occasion to come together and reminisce in an atmosphere that recreated the Italian space—la dolce vita.

The evening was a celebration of beautifully lived life in a superb Italian atmosphere, from oranges and lemons to Dolce Vita watches, music, and the La dolce vita dessert, a citrus cream cake.

We started with a delightful and educational discussion about what it means to live beautifully in these challenging times—La dolce vita—utopia or possible?—moderated by Sonia Argint, TV presenter and blogger, alongside guest speakers:

Andreea Birladeanu, Marketing Manager TEILOR
Ioana Bâldea Constantinescu, Brand Manager, Corint Publishing House
Cristian Samfira, Designer
Ioan Bențe, co-founder and CEO of Nazzuro Aqua, talked to us about the role of purified Nazzuro water—perfectly balanced, healthy, and safe—in our lives.

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