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24/02/2020 -


Your body needs water to operate at its maximum capacity, to metabolize what you eat, and to provide energy throughout the day. That’s why it’s extremely important for the water you drink to be of superior quality, safe, and hydrating. Generally, people consume bottled or tap water, believing it to be safe, but it may conceal dangers that we are not yet aware of.

Nazzuro water purification systems offer numerous advantages in terms of water quality and safety for health, as well as the convenience and budget of families. Here are the 5 reasons why it’s worth investing in a water purification system that suits your needs and those of your family:

1. Hydration: The primary chemical element forming the human body is H2O, water, representing approximately 60% of an adult’s body. Water contributes to distributing nutrients and oxygen to all cells, plays a role in eliminating toxins, and regulates body temperature. Proper hydration is, therefore, crucial for the effective functioning of your body. The body eliminates water through sweat, urine, and respiration, making it important to replenish daily water reserves by consuming the right amount for your body’s needs.

2. Safety: The Nazzuro purification system enhances the quality of municipal water by removing excess salts, residues from water transport pipes, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, resulting in pure, fresh, and above all, safe water for the entire family. Nazzuro employs advanced water filtration technology, called reverse osmosis, designed to produce pure water safely. This is the best method for producing pure water using a physical system (without the use of chemicals).

3. Convenience: Many families lack confidence in the safety of tap water for direct consumption. Therefore, many choose to buy bottled water, sometimes in heavy packs or jugs. Carrying all that water is tiresome. With Nazzuro Aqua, carrying water becomes history. You won’t even remember what it’s like to carry heavy bottles, and you’ll quickly get used to the convenience of having immediately available freshly purified water, directly from the Nazzuro Aqua special tap. Say goodbye to empty bottles taking up space and needing to be taken to the plastic packaging container.

4. Economy: Often, you run out of water in critical moments and have to go down to the store, returning not only with a bottle of water but also with 2 or 3 other things that caught your eye in the store. Investing in the Nazzuro Aqua system will reveal its benefits both immediately and over time. Immediately, you’ll taste the pure flavor of water that hydrates your body and mind, and you won’t feel the pressure to constantly buy bottled water. Over time, you’ll save money spent directly on bottled water, both directly and indirectly.

5. Sustainability: If environmental concern is one of your priorities, installing a water purifier means you won’t have to buy bottled water in plastic bottles anymore, as you can carry fresh, purified water in reusable containers wherever you go. Whether at work, school, or on trips, Nazzuro water accompanies you and helps you stay hydrated and full of energy to enjoy life.

Nazzuro purification systems will truly change the way you consume water. You’ll always have the assurance that the water you and your family drink is pure and reliable, available at any time, even when municipal water supply is interrupted, for any reason.


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