Nazzuro Aqua at Baby Boom Show May 2022

Scris de Nazzuro Aqua

31/05/2022 -


From May 26 to May 29, 2022, the Baby Boom Show, an expo for children aged 0-7 and future moms, took place at Romexpo in Bucharest. Nazzuro Aqua presented its Nazzuro water purification systems and the reusable Runbott containers at the event.

Nazzuro Aqua showcased a generous booth with an eye-catching design that drew the attention of the expo attendees. The booth was designed to allow visitors to experience firsthand the ultraperforming water purification systems from Nazzuro: from how they fit under the sink, to the connection systems to the water network, and the installation of the special metal-free faucets that accompany these systems to provide the best-purified and mineral-balanced water.

Over 500 families showed interest in Nazzuro’s water purification solutions, including the Măruță family with their two children.

The Nazzuro professional team engaged with each family individually to identify their exact needs and proposed solutions for water treatment, including softening and filtering, as well as water purification, hydrogenation, or carbonation solutions. Through the hydration point, expo participants had the opportunity to taste Nazzuro water—a gentle, pleasant-tasting, and hydrating water.

Purified water means a healthy, sustainable, #plasticfree, comfortable, and relaxed lifestyle. Water purification systems offer numerous advantages, both in terms of water quality and safety for health, as well as in terms of the comfort and budget of families.

“I was glad to see people getting out again, participating in events, and there was a cheerful atmosphere at this expo. Attendees were curious and eager to learn more about water quality. For many of them, it was a pleasant surprise to discover water purification solutions at a children’s expo, which they consider extremely important for their families.” — Ioan Bențe, CEO Nazzuro

The new Runbott booth also caught the attention of expo visitors with its premium-quality reusable containers, available in an attractive range of colors. With a ceramic interior that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, without imparting an unpleasant taste or odor, Runbott containers are the natural choice for those who want to care for the environment.


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